15 Jan 3 Great Reasons to Wrap Your Boat

Boat wraps aren’t just for tournament boats sporting sponsor’s logos or boaters who love detailed fish artwork. There are a number of advantages to wrapping your boat, even if you only want to change the color.

1. Protect Your Investment

You found the boat of your dreams, bright & shiny, ready to carry you through the weekend. Now, you realize you need to protect that beautiful, expensive, factory finish. Vinyl boat wraps have a clear protection layer that protects your gel coat from harmful UV rays, preventing oxidation and fading. Not to mention, boat wraps save your exterior from minor scratches. When the wrap is removed, the exterior will look identical to the day you wrapped it, protecting your boat’s resale value.

The majority of boats on the water today are white. When a boat is stolen, it’s blends in with all the others. With a wrap, you’ve added identifiable marks to your boat, even if it’s just a color change. This deters thieves from targeting your vessel. So in the off-chance your boat is stolen, a wrap makes the recovery process significantly quicker. Saving you time, money & headache.



2. Customize Your Boat Flexibly

Vinyl Boat Wraps, made with the highest performance marine vinyl, are about half the cost of a paint job for small boats and as low as a quarter of the cost for large boats. Wrapping gives you more customization options as you can choose from a color change to a complete graphics package. Lower costs and greater flexibility allow you to update your boat’s look more often, whether you want to change the color again or you’re preparing to sell it.

Boat manufacturers produce white boats, since the majority of people like white. This allows salespeople to focus on selling features, not color. When you choose to paint your boat or get a colored gel coat, reselling your boat becomes much harder. Finding someone who likes your boat & layout is enough of a task without considering color preference. Choose the temporary solution to making your boat your’s.

3. Maintain Less, Enjoy More

With a boat wrap, you’ll save money & time on regular exterior maintenance. No longer do you have to wax & compound 4x a year or wax your hull. Cleaning a wrap from a day on the water means a few drops of soap, instead of a collection of cleaning supplies; even stains only require a little isopropyl alcohol and paper towel to remove. Wouldn’t you rather have more time on the water, enjoying your boat?

When To Wrap Your Boat

If you bought a new boat, had a new gel coat applied or paint job done, then immediately; all others at your own discretion. A wrap protects the boat’s exterior. So if the exterior is in good shape, you’ll want to protect it as soon as possible. We can wrap almost any boat exterior from painted hulls (topcoat or undercoat), gelcoats to aluminium. Most of our wraps only take 1-2 days to complete, keeping yard time minimal.

If you’re ready to get Wrapped Up, call us today to get started with a free consultation!