09 Jan Why A Boat Wrap Is Better Than A Paint Job

Head out to the lake or river and take a look around. After a while, all of the boats start to look the same. It’s really difficult to make you boat stand out from the crowd. If you want to take the look of your boat to the next level, you really have two options: a custom paint job or a boat wrap. In our minds, one option is far and away better than the other. We’re here to tell you why a boat wrap is better than a paint job. If you’re not familiar with boat wraps, we will tell you about all of the ins and outs.

Boat Wrap Info

A boat wrap is a piece of large scale, digitally printed vinyl. This vinyl is applied to the exterior of your boat. One of the great things about a boat wrap is the fact that you can see your imagination come to life. Do you have a theme or design you’d like your boat to have? Well, boat wrapping is the best way to see it to fruition. The graphics and text on a boat wrap are extremely vibrant with vivid colors and crisp lines.

What makes this a better option than a custom paint job? There are several reasons. The first would be the price. Boat wraps cost a fraction of the price of a custom paint job. Secondly, the timeframe from the start to completion of the project is much faster with a boat wrap. Also, a boat wrap will actually add additional protection to the exterior of your boat. A wrap will protect the underlying paint from UV rays. Finally, if you should decide you no longer want your wrap on your boat, the wrap can be removed easily and quickly. Removal of the wrap will cause no harm at all to the original surface of your boat.

Hopefully you can see why a boat wrap is better than a paint job. Now start thinking about what design you’d like to see on your vessel!