05 Jul Summer Care Tips for Your Wrap

After you’ve invested your hard earned money in getting a wrap for your vehicle, it’s important to make sure your investment is well taken care of.  If you want your custom wrap to last for years, you have to use proper care, especially in Florida’s brutal summers.

How to Care for Your Custom Wrap in the Summer

Apply an Added Layer of Protection
By using polishes that are made explicitly for vehicle graphics, you can create an extra layer of protection between your custom wrap and the harsh elements. Look for polishes that contain UV ray protection to help shield against harmful sun exposure. Be sure to get a polish that is safe for vehicle graphics, as wax will yellow or stain graphics.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Regularly hand washing your vehicle wrap is one of the best steps towards protecting your wrap. It will also help protect your wrap against damage caused by hard water, salt water, and other gunk that might get on your vehicle. Washing your vehicle about once a week is best to keep your vehicle free of road dirt and pollutants. Protect against small stains and gas spills by spot cleaning.

Park in a Garage or Under a Covered Area

It’s best to protect your wrap from extended heat and sun exposure. Protect your wrap from fading and heat damage by parking in a garage, under a car port, or cover your vehicle with a cover.

Avoid Harmful Care

With vinyl vehicle wraps you have to be careful about how you clean your vehicle. Don’t use abrasive polishes or waxes, or wax products on matte or textured laminates. If you’re going to use an automated car wash, make sure there aren’t small pieces of vinyl. Brush car washes might cause lifting, dulling, or scratching of your graphics. Find a high-quality car wash and be sure to inspect your wrap when it’s finished. If you plan on power washing you have to keep water pressure under 2,000 psi, make sure the spray nozzle is no wider than 40 degrees, and that the water temperature doesn’t exceed 180 degrees. When you’re ready to power wash, stand 1 foot away and stay perpendicular to the graphic, making sure not to spray directly from the side.

Call your graphics vendor immediately if you start to notice any degradation, they should be able to help you prevent further damage.