01 Aug Preparing Your Boat for Wrapping

If you’re reading this article, you’ve got a boat and you’re looking to give it a fresh look. No other medium will make the exterior of your boat pop like a boat wrap. The amount of customization that you can accomplish is unbelievable. Custom colors, graphics, stripes and text will make your boat uniquely yours. If you have a business, there is no better way to advertise than with a boat wrap. However, you’ve got to start preparing your boat for wrapping. Here are some steps to take to make sure your boat wrap goes as well as possible.

First off, you’ve got to give your boat a really good cleaning. Removing any dirt or residue that could keep the wrap from adhering. You’ll also want to remove hardware from the outside of the boat. Things such as handles, hooks or trolling motor (among other things) that could inhibit easy application of your boat wrap.

Next, you’ll really need to take an in depth survey of the layout of your boat. Boats are unique and have curves that will affect what can be seen or read easily on a wrap. Decide where you the most important portions of your design should go. Also, don’t be afraid to use those curves to your advantage. Some of the best boat wraps really incorporate the unique shape of the boat to enhance the design.

Your best option is to hire a professional to wrap your boat. A boat wrap is an investment and you can’t afford for it to be done improperly. The team at Wrapped Up do the job of preparing your boat for wrapping. This includes the cleaning and preparation as well as assisting in the design. Wrapped up is a full service design company that will build the perfect boat wrap from the bottom up, based on your requests.

Wrapping your boat is a great investment that will keep your boat looking great for years to come!