14 Apr How to Choose the Right Wrap Company

As tempting as it may be to pick to a wrap company exclusively by price, great wraps require expertise and you want to be 100% satisfied with your results. To save yourself time, money & headache, make sure the company you choose meets these three standards.

Great Reputation & Experience

Look through their portfolio. Ask how many years they’ve been in business and how many years experience they have in wrapping. In the wrap industry, you make your biggest blunders within the first few years. Every professional wrap company upkeeps a strong portfolio to show prospects. You want to look not only for designs that suit your taste, but quality of work. Pick out a few designs you like and ask who did the artwork. Make sure it was either in-house or a designer that the company will be able to use for your wrap.

Also, check sources for reviews & testimonials other than their website. Unfortunately, quality and a good reputation can be faked, but a quick search doesn’t lie. For instance, you can find our work on Instagram & Facebook. With posts & comments from our clients, you can see we do quality work every time.

Quality Materials

Ask about the materials they use. You want name brand materials like 3M or Avery, since these are higher-quality & more durable. Plus once the wrap has been printed, it must be laminated. Laminating is a requirement for digitally printed wraps, even if the printer uses a more durable latex ink. Laminating the wrap protects the wrapped surface from UV rays that contribute to fading, as well as environmental elements that would damage the wrap otherwise. Some companies will cut corners on laminating to save you quite a bit of money, but significantly reduce the quality & lifespan of your wrap.

Reasonable Warranty or Guarantees

Ask what happens if the wrap fails or gets damaged. Although unlikely, if there is some odd material or application problem, find out who is responsible and what’s covered. For instance, we offer a 14 day warranty against application issues or material flaws on all wraps. If there was a problem with the wrap or the way it was applied, we handle the problem without cost to the client.

If your wrap gets damaged, we can repair it affordably to make you look brand new. As far as warranties go, for our boat wraps we offer an additional Extended Care Warranty, which includes up to 5 fixes for damaged areas for 1 year. If you’re interested in our Extended Care Warranty, give us a call or see more details.
If the wrap company you’ve selected meets those three, you’ll most likely get a great wrap. By finding one that also responds to your needs and builds a relationship with your business, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied. Thinking of working with us? Call us today to get started with a free consultation.

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