How do natural disasters affect your boat wrap?

17 Oct How Do Natural Disasters Affect Your Boat Wrap?

Living in Florida, we are subjected to all sorts of inclement weather. From hurricanes to tornadoes, lightning to hail. This is just one of the few downsides about living in such a beautiful climate. As a boat owner with a boat wrap, you’re almost certainly someone who values the appearance of your vessel. You also know that a boat wrap is the best and most affordable way to improve the look of your boat. While boat wraps are affordable, when compared to custom paint jobs, they are still an investment. So, how do natural disasters affect your boat wrap? Let’s take a look at a few different types of natural disasters and what you need to be prepared for.


Hurricanes bring a bit of everything when it comes to weather. Heavy rain, flooding, high winds. The winds are the thing that can be most damaging to your boat wrap. High winds causes debris to fly through the air, which can puncture or cut your wrap. If you have a boat cover, it’s recommended to make sure it is applied before a hurricane. This will give you an extra layer of protection over your wrap. If you can store your boat out of the water, this is an even better option. Heavy rain is also an issue as it will cause water levels to rise. If you have to keep your boat in the water, it’s recommended to anchor it, with multiple anchors which have rope that is three times the depth of the water, away from other boats. This will keep your boat from knocking into a dock or another boat and damaging your wrap or boat.


Tornadoes bring much of the same factors as a hurricane. Wind gusts can be even higher than in a hurricane but the threat of water levels rising isn’t as high. The concerning thing with tornadoes is that they can’t be predicted like a hurricane, so you don’t have time to prepare.

What Happens If My Wrap Is Damaged?

If your wrap is damaged during a natural disaster, rest assured, it will be covered under your boat insurance. Your insurance will pay for the wrap to be replaced, so it’s important to have quality boat insurance. Also, your wrap acts as extra protection for the actual exterior of the boat. This is another added benefit of having a boat wrap.

How do natural disasters affect your boat wrap? We hope this article has helped you understand what to expect and what will happen in the aftermath.