Wrap FAQs

About & Design

What exactly is a wrap?

A wrap is the application of large scale digitally printed vinyl.  The vinyl is laminated and stuck directly to the surface of whatever is being wrapped.  The application done with such precision that the wrap is often mistaken for paint.

How effective are vehicle wraps?

A vehicle wrap is the most effective form of advertising in the market today. One car wrap gets 30,000-70,000 views per day on average.  With a wrap you are able to elevate your business by increasing your visibility and brand recognition on a daily basis.

How do I design my wrap?

We are a full service design company. When you contact us for your wrap, we’ll set up a consultation, starting the design process.

Can I send you artwork?

Yes, you may supply artwork for use in your wrap design.

How long does the design process take?

Typically, the design process takes 5 days, but there are always exceptions.


What can be wrapped?

You can wrap just about anything, but there are some limitations such as rust, orange peel clear coats, oxidation, and petroleum based substrates (synthetic plastics). If you were to wrap these items, there is no telling how long the vinyl will last and adhere to the surface.

Do I need to wrap my entire vehicle?

No, absolutely not.  We are able to design a full or partial wrap to best meet your requirements and budget.  In the past we have wrapped just doors, tailgates and back windows for clients.

Can windows on a vehicle be wrapped?

Yes, we can wrap vehicle windows with a perforated window film that is full of tiny holes so that you can still see through it.

Where do you install the wrap?

Most of our wraps are able to be installed wherever the vehicle or item is currently located.  We will be sure to discuss installation with you during our consultation.

What if I'm not local to Central Florida?

Wrapped Up will happily design, print, and ship your wrap anywhere in the United States.  We can even arrange for installation if necessary.

Care & Maintenance

How do I clean my wrap?

Use a non-abrasive soft brush or cloth with dish soap to remove everyday dirt and grim. For “stains” like bug guts use isopropyl alcohol with a paper towel. Avoid car washes and pressure washers as they may cause damage and/or lifting of the wrap.

Do I need to wax my wrap?

No waxing is not necessary as the vinyl has a protective over laminate that protects the inks and vinyl.

Will the wrap harm my paint?

No, the adhesive on the wrap is strong enough to hold, but gentle enough to not damage the surface it is stuck to.  It will actually protect the paint from the sun’s harmful UV Rays. Once you remove the wrap, the paint will look as good as the day it was installed.

Materials & Durability

Is the vinyl wrap protected?

Yes, all of our wraps are laminated which protects the vinyl from UV rays and minor surface scratches. The wrap is still a vinyl sticker and should be well taken care of to best prolong its life.

How long will my wrap last?

A wrap that is taken care of will last between 5-7 years but it recommended that it be replaced around 4 years.

What if my wrap gets damaged?

If your wrap gets damaged we can almost always “patch” or replace just a section or panel of the wrap to make it look like new.

Are wraps permanent?

Wraps are not permanent. Often people choose wraps for the ease of changeability. If you’re looking to remove the wrap, whether to sell your vehicle or update it with a newer wrap, give us a call!

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