Extended Care Warranty

Details, Terms & Conditions
Our Extended Care Warranty applies to new Boat Wraps only. At this time we do not have a similar warranty for vehicles.

  • The Warranty includes three (3) fixes from the date of your wrap install for one calendar year.
  • The repair size must be at least 6″x3″ (length by height) but may not be greater than 12″x24″ to qualify as a repair.
  • Your wrap can be either paint or print wrap.
  • The location of repair can be anywhere we installed the wrap unless client was advised that a particular area will be prone to heavy abuse, such as at the bow with trailer loading & unloading.

To initiate a repair, please call us to schedule an appointment. We will inspect the repair site and determine if the repair requires additional removal of vinyl, for which the owner may be responsible for additional costs. You will be informed as to whether the repair is covered or requires additional costs before the repair is made.
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