15 Aug Cleaning Your Boat Wrap

You have a brand new boat wrap and one thing is for certain, your boat looks better than ever. While boat wraps are cheaper than custom paint jobs, they are still an investment. As with any investment, you want to protect it and get the most longevity out of it as possible. Cleaning your boat wrap is an important step and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The good thing about cleaning your boat wrap though is that it is super easy!

There are 3 main ingredients to cleaning your boat wrap:

  • Soap
  • Water
  • Elbow Grease

Luckily, you won’t need much of the third ingredient. To clean your wrap, you’ll want to use a non-abrasive, wet soap (such as dish detergent) to wash your wrap. You’ll also want to use a sponge, soft rag or soft cloth.

After cleaning with soap and water, we recommend using a silicone squeegee for excess water removal. This will go a long way in reducing spots caused by leaving water on the surface. After the squeegee, it is best to complete the wash by going over the surface of the wrap with a dry, microfiber cloth.

The removal of dirt, algae or any other foreign substance is important. It will go a long way in keeping the graphics on your wrap vibrant.

For more difficult to remove substances, such as tree sap, droppings or bugs, you’ll want to soften them up with hot water. You’ll want to add dish soap to this water as well. Then complete the normal washing steps. In some instances, you can use rubbing alcohol which is diluted with water 2-1. Use the kind without acetone.

Pressure washing is not recommended for boat wraps as it can cause the wrap to separate from the boat if it is sprayed at an angle.

Now you know the steps for cleaning your boat wrap. Happy safe (and clean) boating!