Caring For Your Boat Wrap

26 Sep Caring For Your Boat Wrap

So, you’ve got a beautiful, new boat wrap and there’s no doubt that your boat is looking amazing. The graphics pop to the eye and you’ve got a fresh new look. An important factor in keeping it looking great is learning the trick to caring for your boat wrap. You’ll keep the colors vibrant and you will increase longevity. We will lay out the steps for you. You’ll save time and you’ll protect the investment you’ve just made.

Clean Your Wrap Often

One key to keeping your boat wrap looking its best is to clean it frequently. The longer you leave dirt or residue on the wrap, the harder it will be to remove. This could lead to you needing to use stronger abrasives or cleaning solutions to remove the grime. This can dull the graphics and will increase the risk of tearing the wrap. If you clean your wrap often, you’ll only need to use soap and water. You’ll then want to dry the wrap with a silicone squeegee and a dry, microfiber cloth.

Should you get a substance on your wrap that is more difficult to remove, loosen it up with hot water and dish detergent. With a little diligence, cleaning your boat wrap is super quick and easy!

No Need For Waxing Or Polishing

Boat wraps don’t need to be waxed or polished. Awesome, right? They are made of vinyl that is designed to stay vibrant and with a sheen without adding these substances. This is one of the best features of a boat wrap. The time you’ll save when compared to a paint job is a huge plus (not to mention it’s a much cheaper option!).

Caring for your boat wrap is extremely easy as long as you keep up with it. Follow these steps and your wrap will stay looking great for years to come!