01 Feb Car Wrap vs Paint Job: Which is Better?

Should you wrap your car or get a new paint job? While we can’t make your decisions for you, here are a few of the common reasons people choose a car wrap over paint.

Short & Long-term Cost

Most of the time, a vehicle wrap will be less expensive than paint. Decaling & wrapping ranges from $500-$3000 for most jobs, while a good paint job runs $2500-$7500. However, if you want specialty colors, multiple colors, or designer graphics on your ride, wraps are more economical than paint by far. Specialty paint jobs are known to run well over $10,000! Whereas a wrap package with custom graphics starts at $3000. So if your car is for advertising, a car wrap is your best bet.

By painting your car, depending on the color and vehicle, you may end up depreciating the vehicle drastically. With a wrap, you can change the color as many times as you want & it’s always removable, keeping the factory paint job intact. When you’re ready to resell your vehicle, a permanent color change may make it more difficult to find a buyer. The majority of the cars on the road are neutral tones (black, white, silver, gray) to eliminate the need to be the buyer’s favorite color. You’ve already got to be the right make/model, condition & price; don’t make color another factor.

Time is Money

If you’ve ever had a car painted you know it’s time consuming; often two weeks or more since a paint shop has to disassemble, sand, prep, paint and apply clear coat, then sand again, and reassemble your car’s trim (and possibly glass). Expect an even longer wait if you want two or more colors or specialty airbrush work. Car wraps are designed digitally and take 1-2 days to install for most jobs. Can you afford to be without your car for two weeks?



Durability & Maintenance

Minor scratches and chips in your car’s paint are unavoidable if you’ve ever taken it on the road. Anything from loose gravel to road debris becomes a hazard to your paint job. When you choose to wrap your car, 3M high performance vinyl will protect your car’s exterior from the minor cosmetic damage that comes with road use. Also, wraps protect your car’s paint from harmful UV rays, slowing the fading and oxidation process.

Never again will you have a wax your paint job to keep it shiny & new. Cleaning a car wrap only requires dish soap, water & a soft cloth. No more expensive detailer-grade cleaners or tools. For stains like bug guts, all you need is isopropyl alcohol & a paper towel.

While a car wrap isn’t a replacement for paint, it is superior in many ways. For color changes, advertisements, & customization of your vehicle, wrapping is the best choice. Looking for inspiration? Check out our vehicle gallery. If you’re ready to get Wrapped Up, call us today to get started with a free consultation!