22 Aug Boat Wrap Pricing

Are you looking to upgrade the look of your boat? Would you like to get rid of your bland paint job and make your boat stand out of the crowd? If so, you have a few options. One option would be to go with a custom paint job for your boat. Custom paint jobs certainly can upgrade the look of your boat, but they are extremely pricey. A better option would be to go with a fully customized, vinyl boat wrap. Boat wrap pricing is much less expensive than a custom paint job and also provides additional benefits.

What is the cost of a boat wrap?

Wrapping your boat will cost you just a fraction of the price that a custom paint job would run. The actual cost is dependent on the size of your boat and exactly what you wish to have done. Obviously, the larger the boat, the more the boat wrap will cost.

One thing that you have to consider is the fact that someone will have to design your boat wrap. You can do the design yourself, but if you’re not proficient in graphic design, it’s best to hire a professional. We at Wrapped Up are professional boat wrap designers who know exactly how to fine tune the graphics to accommodate the intricacies of your boat. Boats have different curvatures and features, so you need to make sure that your design takes these into account.

Boat wraps are superior to paint jobs because they aren’t permanent as well as being cheaper. Boat wraps are applied with an adhesive that is strong enough to hold the wrap in place, but not strong enough to damage the exterior of your boat. If you decide that you no longer wish to have your boat wrap applied, it can easily be removed to return the original exterior to the surface. You are unable to do this with a paint job.

If you’re interested in finding out boat wrap pricing for your boat, contact us and we’d love to give you a quote.