15 Aug Boat Wrap Ideas

Boat wrapping is the hottest current trend in boat customization. Wrapping your boat allows your creativity to run wild and really show off your personality. The possibilities are literally endless. The difficulty in having so many options is that it is sometimes difficult to narrow down your boat wrap ideas. We have some pointers that can help keep you on track and get the most out of your design.

The first key to a successful wrap is to take account of the unique curvatures and layout of your boat. Every boat has a different flow that must be accounted for. You want your wrap to accentuate these intricacies. You can use shading and coloring to make the unique qualities of your boat seem even more unique! If you’re adding text to your design, it’s a good idea to place it on an area that has minimal curvature. This will allow the entire phrase or word to be seen from a specific angle.

Speaking of text, you want to pick an easy to read font that will contrast with the background color. You’re adding it to your boat, let’s make it easy to read, right? Do you own a business? There’s no better place to advertise than on your boat! This is an investment that you pay for once and it stays around for a long time.

As for the colors, we recommend keeping the amount of colors to a minimum. As colors blend from one another, you’ll get to see all different shades of the colors you pick. Keeping it to two to three colors will keep your wrap from becoming overly muddled.

We recommend having a professional boat wrap design company complete the actual design. They will make sure that your ideas come to life in the best looking way possible.

We hope that we’ve helped get your boat wrap ideas flowing!