05 Dec Aqua Marine Boat Decking

If you own a boat, you know that one of the fears is that you or a passenger will slip on the wet boat floor. A slip and fall can be extremely dangerous, especially if you happened to be riding solo. Whether you’re fishing or just having a relaxing day on the water, wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the risk of injury? Luckily, there is a way to keep your footing by adding aqua marine boat decking to your vessel.

Solid Footing While On The Water

Aqua marine boat decking is constructed of a marine-grade, closed cell foam which is completely non-absorbent. This is important because it keeps water from coming out of the pads while walking, which can create a slippery surface. This foam is designed to provide traction when doing any activity you might do on a boat.

One of the best features of this boat decking is how easy it is to install. The pads are backed with pressure sensitive foam, which applies easily to any surface. You can easily apply all of your decking to your boat within a short period of time. Complete interior kits are available which will provide you with all of the materials needed to cover the entire deck of your boat. This is quite convenient and removes any guesswork from the project. We also offer specialized decking, such as cooler pads, which will cover even the surfaces you might not consider. No place is safe, so this is a welcomed addition.

Whether you want to apply aqua marine boat decking to your entire boat, or just a portion, we have everything you’ll need. Ease your worries while on the water!